Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Geekery - Firefox 3.0

Not loving it. Stupid me, I forgot to back up my bookmarks. And somehow the installer neglected to use my current bookmarks but found an old bookmark file, which I seem to be stuck with. Word to the wise - back up your profile and/or bookmarks.

Also, I'm not thrilled with the memory usage and I'm underwhelmed with the performance. It's been running for a few hours (not with particularly intense usage) and with two tabs currently open it's using 108 megs of RAM. Really? A web browser? Page rendering and javascript may or may not be faster, but the UI is definitely slower, no doubt due to the bookmarking features I'm not sold on yet and Mozilla's need to fiddle with the chrome.

Edit (06/19): It's worse than I thought. The bookmark manager is slower than a vote recount in Florida. Also, drag and drop bookmarking doesn't work too well for folders on the bookmarks toolbar. Your bookmark will get to the right folder, but won't go in the precise place you want it.

Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, they flipped the direction of the scroll wheel for changing the font size within a page. Hella annoying, with no apparent about:config setting to change it.

It's possible that they have the memory thing worked out since I haven't seen a spike much above 150 megs even with heavy use, though I did alter the number of tab-close-undos to six from the default ten.

The only saving grace at this point is the ability for nearly infinite customization. People will figure out how to disable most of the annoying features in about:config or they will write extensions to disable them.

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