Friday, June 20, 2008

Epidemic of Propaganda

Brace yourselves for an epidemic of pro-Obama magical thinking propaganda. It’s already upon us from what I can see.

Any good political campaign will include efforts to have supporters write letters to the editorial pages of just about every newspaper on the planet. Normally an individual is directed towards newspapers in his own area, but in the last week I’ve seen two Obama support letters from people who almost certainly are not readers of my local paper.

The audience of my small town newspaper is probably 99% contained within a 40 mile radius. To get two letters from “online readers” about Barack Obama, one of which was in West Virginia, is no accident. It is also no coincidence that both letters were filled not just with standard leftist boilerplate, but naked lies.

The first sentence of the first letter is such an example:
As everyone knows, the first quarter (January-March 2008) was a “negative” growth quarter for the U.S. Economy.

Well, no. The first quarter was positive, and there hasn’t been a negative quarter since 2001. Try again.

Well, guess what, the second quarter (April-June 2008) results are in, and we had a “slightly positive” second quarter, so “slight” it is not worth mentioning the number. Well a “RECESSION” is defined as TWO “CONSECUTIVE” negative quarters, so guess what, we now start counting all over again.

Where to begin! The second quarter hasn’t even ended yet, so any statements about the second quarter are inherently wrong. Also, a recession is not two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

The writer of this letter used “RECESSION” (all caps, with quotation marks) three times in his brief letter. There was a general overuse of “quotation marks”.

Only by curtailing the “unregulated speculative commodity trading” of crude oil, eliminating the oil company’s excess unwarranted profits, boosting the value of the U.S. dollar and increasing production both domestically and abroad, will the price of crude oil and gasoline return to the normal levels and a normal U.S. economy be achieved in the process. (emphasis added)

If you think Obama is going to increase domestic production, then you’ve got another thing coming pal.

The second out-of-towner letter bemoaned the abridgement of our freedoms. We can expect criticism of the PATRIOT Act, but this moonbat is really stretching to blame all of her complaints on Republicans (emphasis added):

My biggest fear is where this will all end. Now that the government is monitoring what we read from the public library, dictating what we consume, making us wear seat belts, and disenfranchising private business owners from deciding whether their patrons should be permitted to smoke tobacco in their own establishments, which group of American citizens will be the next target of our government lawmakers?

Will American farmers be forced to grow organically and prohibited from supplementing livestock with hormones in order to avoid carcinogenic additives?

Will we be forced to abandon our vehicles when the government recognizes the truth about global warming?

Will millions of Americans be forced out of jobs when our factories are forced to shut down because they, too, are held responsible for emitting pollutants that are deemed to be cancer causing?

The writer’s logic is perplexing, to say the least. Seat belt laws, smoking restrictions, farm fascism, vehicle efficiency regulation, and enviro-industrial extremism are all primarily products of left-leaning thought.

But apparently Barack Obama is going to protect her freedoms. Sure. What are you smoking and where can I get some?


Anonymous said...

God forbid we have to abandon some of the luxuries of our disgustingly overindulgent lifestyles. If you don't think our economy is is a slump, then you haven't been to the gas station or the grocery store lately pal! Do you have to be eating garbage and living in a trash can before you wake up and smell the coffee? I work hard and make a decent salary, and my family is having to shave the fat. I would never in a million years have considered our lifestyle as living beyond our means. Don't tell me our economy is great. Please.

Sockless Joe said...

I didn't say it was great. In fact, it's lousy. That doesn't excuse lies and propaganda.

By the way, who gets to decide what is overindulgent? You? Obama?