Friday, June 06, 2008

Drive-Through equals Express Lane

A bit off topic, but I've got a new pet peeve: waiting at a fast food drive-through while multiple minivans full of screaming hellspawn order five or six meals at a time. I mean, the drive through window at the bank will ask you to go inside if you're doing more than two things. And virtually every supermarket and mega-retailer has a 10-items-or-less line.

If it takes you more than seven seconds to yell your order at the clown's face then you're taking too long.

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John Rich said...

My theory is that one's IQ drops by as much as 30 points when doing the fast food tango.

Last weekend, the missus just had to have a Mickey Dee hamburger; the drive-through line at noon was at least ten cars deep.

So, natch, we parked and went into the "restaurant." Almost lost the will to live amidst the hordes of children and the elderly madman muttering, in a loud voice, something about "America the KKK..."

Conclusion? There is no good way to enjoy fast food at high noon on Saturday. But it sure is tasty.