Monday, June 23, 2008

Defining Swiftboating Down

Byron York at NRO is saying something I've thought for a long time. People, particularly Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself), are misusing the term "swiftboating".

The original swiftboating was an attack from people who knew Kerry and had served with him in Vietnam. Now the term is synonymous with any attack whatsoever regardless of the source (or truth of the matter) and is used as a term of dismissal.

I'll go a step further than York does. Not only did the Swiftboat Vets for Truth have personal and special knowledge of John Kerry's service in Vietnam, it was Kerry's story that had to be changed much more than the Swiftboat Vets'. Memories that were "seared" (seared!) into John Kerry's noggin were just not true.

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