Friday, May 09, 2008

Rendell Hissy Fit Over Stupid Energy Plan

Apparently PA Commissar Ed Rendell wants a billion dollars worth of clean energy grants in order to prevent utility “meltdown”.

What does Rendell have in mind?
One bill provides $850 million for rebates on solar cells, wind energy, home energy loans and “green buildings.” You could get a $1,200 grant on a $2,400 solar cell to power your home, the governor said.

The other bill sets energy conservation goals and requires electric companies to offer ratepayers a choice in how they pay for electricity. For example, customers could be billed less for using electric at certain hours of the day when the grid is not as stressed.
Legislative caps on utility bills will begin to expire in 2009 and the governor said he expects dramatic rate hikes that will pain residents and drive businesses out of the state.

By 2025, the United States simply won't have enough power plants to meet its needs. “It's either conservation, or we will face total meltdown,” he said.

Or, Ed, instead of meltdown, maybe as prices go up people will adjust their behavior, perhaps buying solar panels as they become economically sound.

The money shot:
This will not cost taxpayers anything,” he promised, alluding to bonds that the state could issue to pay for it all. “We would not need to raise taxes.”

By that logic, the war in Iraq is no burden at all to the US taxpayer. But somehow I don’t think Gov. Ed would agree. It’s different. Somehow. Errr.... Hope. Change. Yes we can.

So in summation, Ed the Red wants to borrow money to pay rich people to put solar panels on their homes, thus lowering electrical bills for said rich people. Sounds “progressive” to me! Totally worthy of your hissy fit.

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