Friday, May 30, 2008

Karen Hughes in McClellan's book

Kathryn Lopez at the Corner...

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Karen Hughes's Judgment? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Karen Hughes to Scott McClellan, from page 161 of What Happened:
"You looked pretty comfortable at the podium," Karen replied.

Yeah, I was never much of a Karen Hughes fan either.

And the follow-up post from K-Lo:
I, of course, take everything in his book with a grain of salt. But someone thought having him there was a good idea.

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Samay said...

Well, how many Bushies ended up being better than Hughes? Rove was okay but has been a total disaster since 2005, Ari Fleischer's been MIA since about the same time, and everyone else has been a disaster the whole time. Wait, the new Treasury guy's okay, Paulson. That's it.