Thursday, May 22, 2008

GOP Premium Roast

Woe is the Republican Party! Our "brand" is tarnished.

If we're a brand, then maybe we should do what other brands do - establish a premium label.

Republican congressional candidates need a sub-brand. A distinctive label that sets them apart from the usual suspects, whether they be Bush, the feckless Congressional Republicans, or the de facto leader of the party John McCain.

Something that tells the voters that a Premium-Branded Republican is for, well, Republican thinking. Like limited government, meaningful entitlement reform, free trade, free speech, the right to bear arms, digging for coal, drilling for oil, killing ethanol subsidies, ... you get the picture.

GOP Premium Roast brand

Black Label, Premium Roast, Extra, Gold, Ultra, Preferred, Concentrated, Olde Time, Deluxe, Classic, USDA Grade-A, Special Edition... whatever! Heck, I'd take "Menthol" at this point.

The closest thing we have is a Club for Growth endorsement, but our party elders have found fit to sully the "Club for Greed".

Some are hoping that if 2008 is to be like 1976, then at least we might get a Reagan-esque conservative movement out of it. Conservatives have a palpable lust for Reaganite candidates, but the Reagan brand has been diluted through misappropriation and general overuse.

And there just isn't another Reagan out there. Sorry, we've looked.

But why should we wait quietly for our impending electoral slaughter? Why not start right now!

So the movement needs a distinctive name, a banner under which to fight. A label that means something.

The Republican Party: Digitally Remastered from the Original Recordings?

Ok, so I need some help on this.

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