Monday, April 21, 2008

Why is Shaner the CFG candidate?

Looking at this video of Matt Shaner, I wonder if the Club for Growth really knows what it's getting.

In the video, Shaner describes how he used his mad gub'mint skillz to convince some local officials to give his company a low-interest (i.e. subsidized) loan to develop some properties as a part of a "beautification" project.

That's right Keystone Staters, your tax dollars helped subsidize Matt Shaner.

Think he needed it?

Club for Growth, take note: This is exactly what is wrong with Pennsylvania's economy.

PA is littered with these worthless beautification and development projects. DCED is the state equivalent of the much maligned Congressional earmarks. Basically, the productive sectors of the state are taxed and a bunch of central planners decide how to waste that money throughout the state to make it look like the state is doing something to help. From what I've seen, very little actual thought is put into how these DCED funds are supposed to help local economies.

Additionally, every mention of Shaner's education says that he "attended" Penn State as a History major. Did he even graduate? I'm guessing not. Did he get his job with Sen. Santorum because his family is very wealthy?

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