Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Walker goes Negative in PA-5

Today I received in the mail two mailers from Derek Walker. One was an endorsement from former State Senator J. Doyle Corman (father of the current State Senator Jake Corman).

The second mailer went negative against Matt Shaner, which in addition to telling us about Shaner's drunk driving shenanigans, states that Shaner "pled guilty 10 times to breaking the law", and showing us images of court dockets from Magisterial District Judges (the lowest courts in PA). No mention is made of what these guilty pleas were for, but some docket numbers are visible.

I was never inclined to vote for Shaner, and I was curious to see who would be the first to go negative.

(A citizen "going negative" on Shaner. Mild content warning.)

The endorsement from old man Corman may blunt what support Shaner might have had in Shaner's native Centre County, since Corman represented and lived (lives?) in Centre County. If anybody is to beat Shaner, he must probably be from outside Centre County, and there is a chance Walker might be the one to do it.

Unfortunately I fall short of a full endorsement of Walker since I did not see him perform at the recent candidate forum I attended, but at this point he is the person I am inclined to vote for.

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