Sunday, April 27, 2008

Perzel's Ego Bigger Than Ever

From the "Are you f-ing kidding me?" department...

(Via GrassrootsPA)

Former PA House Speaker John Perzel thinks he might be speaker again in 2009, and he is unrepentant about pay raise debacle.

Perzel's sins and flaws are many - being Ed Rendell's best buddy in the legislature during Perzel's Speakership, being a key figure in the infamous unconstitutional pay-raise, being a general embarrassment to Republicans throughout the state.

If none of this was enough, John Perzel snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in 2007 when he refused to let some other Republican stand for Speaker.

The Democrats in the state house ended up with a one person majority. But there was a general ill will among rank-and-file members, and each party had its defectors in the leadership vote. Democrat Bill DeWease knew he couldn't win as Speaker, so he recruited Republican Denny O'Brien to run against Perzel for the Speakership. But Perzel refused to put anybody else up in order to counter this maneuver. Consequently the House is run by the Democrat alliance with O'Brien.

The following comment on GrassrootsPA by former PA Young Republicans Chairman Matt Best sums everything up nicely (emphasis added):
Perzel is the reason why I left the Republican Party after the general election in 2006. Should he get elected Speaker, every Republican who votes for him should know that when I have an opportunity, I will work to get them fired, thrown out of office, do anything to make their worthless lives miserable, highlight their spinelessness, embarrass them, etc. I may be only one person, but if others will take the same attitude and no longer accept pathetic leadership, arrogance, and thuggery, then we will prevail.

It starts with this election - Of all of the positions on this ballot, I’m probably not voting for a single Republican on the ballot. I’m most likely not voting for a Democrat either. Is my vote wasted - no. Why? Because the options presented are no longer valid and I won’t legitimize these idiots by voting for them or for the lesser of two evils. If both options are evil, then why would I support either one?

We need people who have had enough, to reject the options presented to us, be willing to act on that feeling, organize together so that our message is the same, and vote. We need to move past issues that are only designed to keep us divided and distracted. Whether these officials are Dems or Reps, they are essentially the same in most cases. Yeah, they differ on small issues, but on the biggest issue of all - ensuring that government business is done in secret and behind closed doors for the benefit of an oligarchy of cowardly and arrogant “leaders”, there is no difference between the two parties.

I’ve heard all the arguments before - my vote will be wasted, work to change the system from the inside, etc. It’s all BS people. I’ve attempted to change the system on the inside - I’m a past chair of the PA Young Republicans. I’ve worked for a State Rep. I’ve been a County Committeeman. The parties are not interested in change, or fresh ideas. They are interested in the status quo. The system makes me sick, and so do most of the people in it with their spinelessness. They are more concerned with keeping their jobs and their precious benefits, than they are with anything else.

Patrick Henry said it best when he stated - “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?” I for one have had enough. I will continue speak out and to put my name behind it. I will cause change to happen. Will you? Or will you just complain about the options before you and “wait your turn?” Will you join with like-minded people to create a change in the way our government does business? Or will stay silent because you fear losing your job and precious benefits? Patrick Henry also once stated: “Fear is the passion of slaves.” Are you a freeman or freewoman, or are you a slave of people like John Perzel?

John Perzel may be the single biggest obstacle to some semblance of unity within the PA Republican Party. The true grassroots believers will not take the party structure seriously as long as these gangsters are allowed to run loose in our party.

So to Perzel and to those who would follow him I ask, are you f-ing kidding me?

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