Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PA-5 - Money Can't Buy You Love

Or an election.

Just three weeks ago, Glenn Thompson had raised the least amount of money of all eight actively campaigning congressional candidates. Last night he won the nomination.

In a very tight race, the biggest spenders finished third, second, and fourth respectively. Shaner likely spent well over a million dollars himself, and the top three spenders probably spent over two million collectively. Thompson was outspent many, many times over. I look forward to seeing the final FEC numbers.

So to all the heavy handed free speech regulators who think the campaign finance system isn't fair and want to steal the public money to give to knucklehead candidates, well, score one for the good guys.

As an aside, the Democrats didn't end up nominating Cahir the Iraq Vet, but McCracken, who appears to be mildly retarded. Thompson should have no trouble clinching this in the fall.


Anonymous said...

Our country has a fine history of putting mildly retarded people in office. And didn't we once elect a dead guy (I'm feeling like it was a plane crash in West Virginia or something).


Sockless Joe said...

We've elected several dead guys, though usually it is with the understanding that some other person will actually be getting the position. "Vote X for Y" is the slogan structure. The precise legal mechanism for this varies from state to state.