Wednesday, April 09, 2008

PA-5 : Crappy Choices, Weak Party

I just attended a local candidate forum of Congressional candidates for the PA-5 district. Five of the nine Republican candidates appeared long enough for me to dislike them (Shaner, Richardson, Exarchos, Thompson, Stroehmann), and Walker showed up at the very end so I didn't get a good read. I ended up disliking Richardson a little less than the others, though my spidey sense tells me he's a long shot. As best I could tell Richardson was the only one who even mentioned the words "smaller government" and "Constitution", though he did lose style points for having his little pocket Constitution as a prop.

Frankly, if either Benninghoff or Corman would have run it would have been an easy choice. Either one of those two would have been better prepared to stand up to the Democrats than any of the guys I saw on stage tonight.

But the Party is in shambles; it couldn't produce a good candidate; it couldn't even produce a consensus candidate that people could learn to live with.

If we nominate a real chump, as I expect we will, he may have a hard time if the Democrats nominate Iraq war vet Bill Cahir, who appears to be less blatantly socialist than his primary competitors.

Yes Virginia, there is a plausible scenario where the Republicans lose one of the most solidly conservative districts in the entire nation, PA-5.

Also, sadly, I saw an unchallenged State Rep on stage who voted for the pay-raise, took the unconstitutional "expense" money (eventually paid it back), indignantly defended the pay-raise vote, and voted for the king pay-jacker John Perzel as Speaker when the Assembly reorganized after the election. Totally unopposed. Pathetic.


s. weasel said...

Oof. The party is really, really broken. I don't know how we fix it.

Conservative Belle said...

Hopefully one day we can get to a point that we aren't always choosing the lesser of two evils.

Things like this help me wrap my brain around the concept of voter apathy, which has always angered me.