Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obama's Jedi Mind Trick wearing thin

The biggest consequence of the "bitter gun lover" controversy is that Barack Obama's capacity for the Jedi Mind Trick (aka Reality Distortion Field) has been damaged.

As with the Rev. Wright dust-up, Republicans are infuriated, but this time Hillary Clinton is taking a swipe too. She didn't want to have the race-and-gender conversation, but she'll sure as heck take on cultural issues. If it pans out for her, she even gets partially inoculated against some of these issues come November.

Finally, here is what I hope to be my last word on parsing Obama's statement. The most generous interpretation of his remarks includes the idea that small town people are being exploited as single issue voters against their better economic interests, a la Howard Dean's "Guns, God and Gays" statement. Leaving aside what might be in anybody's economic interest, this interpretation still includes a diminution, if not quite an absolute dismissal, of the aforementioned single issues. Obama fails to recognize that the Democratic party's policies are hostile to the culture, freedoms, and rights of gun owners, the faithful, and those who want existing immigration laws enforced. The Democrats just can't understand why any issue would take primacy over the furtherance of the Great Society. This misunderstanding has been and shall continue to be their greatest weakness.

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