Saturday, April 05, 2008

House Dems still closed minded on Petraeus

VOA reports that House Democrats "don't intend to accept a picture that candy coats (minimizes) the military, political or reconciliation situation."

In other words, they already know everything there is to know, and if Petraeus strays from their script he will be branded a liar.

Nancy Pelosi:
"We have to know the real ground truths of what is happening there, not put a shine on events because of a resolution [of the situation in Basra] that looks less violent when it has in fact been dictated by someone [Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada] al-Sadr who can grant or withhold that call for violence or not," said Nancy Pelosi.

Or... Sadr may or may not have much control over insurgents, and to the extent that he may have power perhaps he felt... um.. DEFEATED?

Howard Berman, Chairman of House Foreign Affairs:
"The purpose of the [U.S. military] surge was to create political space for Iraqis to make meaningful strides toward national reconciliation, but sectarianism sadly remains the dominant force in Iraq and the sacrifices involved in getting us to this point don't seem to have put us much closer to the goal."
This is just factually wrong. There have been many meaningful movements towards reconciliation. Democrats are complaining that we haven't put the thousand piece jigsaw puzzle back together yet, even if you can see the some of the dogs playing poker.

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