Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dems on Trade: 16 months? What's the rush?

CQ reports that the Colombia Free Trade agreement was negotiated 16 months ago, yet Speaker Pelosi wants to change the House procedures to delay (for an unspecified time) a vote on the issue. Under standing procedure the House has 90 Legislative days from Bush's recent submission of the legislation to hold a vote.

Pelosi: If brought to the floor immediately, it would lose, and what message would that send?

"Immediately"... 90 "legislative" days... practically the same thing.

Assuming Pelosi made her minions work four days a week (which they don't) without any weeks off (which they won't), 90 legislative days is about five and a half months.

So to those who say "I think it’s implausible that the next administration is going to try to renegotiate NAFTA," -- I say hogwash! In this Colombia deal, Democrats have chosen the epitome of a no-brainer trade agreement to flex their cred with the Big Union vote, who frankly have absolutely nothing to fear from the Colombia deal since the status quo is so one-sided against US producers.

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