Sunday, April 20, 2008

Act Blue - an FEC reporting loophole?

Act Blue is a processor of campaign contributions to Democratic candidates. On their privacy page, they clearly assert their compliance with FEC reporting requirements:

Information Sent to Campaigns
When you contribute to candidates and committees on ActBlue, we are required to collect your name, postal address, occupation, and employer, and to send this information along with your donation. We also record this information alongside your contribution amounts and recipients in our reports to the FEC. Each candidate receiving your donations may also include this information in their FEC reports, and is required to do so if you contribute more than $200 to their campaign. FEC reports containing this information are publicly available from the FEC web site. ActBlue submits its FEC reports on a monthly basis; most campaigns submit their reports quarterly.

And yet, does not show the identities of individuals who have contributed more than $200.


So is this the FEC's fault, or Act Blue's?

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