Friday, March 07, 2008

Obstinate "Moderate" R's in MD

Less-than-conservative Maryland Congressman Wayne Gilchrest lost his primary to the more conservative state senator Andy Harris. Now a bevy of belligerent Gilchrest supporters are supporting the Democrat!

"The members of this group comprises a large disenfranchised group of U.S. Rep. Wayne Gilchrest supporters, such as longtime Gilchrest aide Karen Willis."

"Disenfranchised"? What are they, convicted felons?! No, "disenfranchised" means that your voice is not heard, that you are prevented from voting. Your voices were heard. You voted. You lost.

The article continues:
"I'm deeply saddened that Wayne didn't make it through the primary," Willis said. "I've found lots of people who feel the same way. I'm just trying to get behind Mr. Kratovil to continue to have 1st District representation from a thinking person."

So now Harris, the primary winner, is "not a thinking person". Nice.

This isn't fleeting support from Willis. She's worked for Gilchrest for nearly his entire career in Congress, and she doesn't support Baltimore County Sen. Andy Harris' more conservative views, whether the issue be Iraq or the economy.

I get it. She's a big leftie who wants to raise taxes and lose the war. At least have the common decency to change your party affiliation, you hack.

The rich, creamy irony is almost too much to handle. Being a fairly conservative fellow myself, I've heard too many times to count that the "extreme" conservatives are threatening the party. Toomey-v-Specter. Laffey-v-Chafee. At a PA Republican Committee meeting I overheard a "moderate" loudly complaining that "we eat our young". Just this week I received an email from my county committee chair imploring, "[W]e MUST sooth the wounds inflicted and allow the healing to take place. Too often we shoot ourselves in the foot while the whole world watches and smiles. For this reason, I am asking each of you to throw ALL of your support behind the man who will be the nominee of the Republican Party, John McCain."

Most of us will vote for the Republican in a general election even if our preferred candidate loses in the primary. Can "moderates" now claim the same? Where's the outrage?


doubleplusundead said...

It is funny to see the shoe on the other foot for once...and to see exactly what we think will happen happen. BTW I linked you in a post at doubleplusundead and Mike at Cold Fury picked it up. I think I've linked three of your stories since we blogroll exchanged, you really do good posts.

Sockless Joe said...

Thanks. I try not to post stuff that's being commented on by everybody else in the universe.

I picked up this story from the Congressional Quarterly free daily email.

doubleplusundead said...

Yeah, I try to do the same...sometimes that can make scrounging up post material a little tough.