Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Free Speech Rights for Minors

A 17-year old has been blocked from participation in student government because she posted "vulgar slang" on her blog regarding certain actions taken by school administration. Her case is now before the 2nd Circuit Court.
A lower federal court had supported the school. U.S. District Judge Mark Kravitz, denying Doninger's request for an injunction, said he believed she could be punished for writing in a blog because the blog addressed school issues and was likely to be read by other students.
So, outside of school and on her own time, she called the administration "douchebags", and because somebody might actually read it the school has a right to sanction her? Kids have so few rights in our society that the least we can do is hear them. They can't vote, have limited financial rights, are subject to municipal curfew, have increasingly limited driving rights, and are severely restricted when inside the confines of the scarcely veneered prisons we call public schools.

What would have happened had she called the administration "douchebags" for doing something that actually affected education like dropping language classes or ignoring deteriorating educational outcomes?

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