Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Voting Strategery

It appears Mitt Romney's candidacy is in serious trouble, perhaps fatally wounded. C'est la vie. Sometimes elections are lost. I will continue to advocate for Romney until the bitter end, but I cannot join the ranks of those such as Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter who will refuse to vote for McCain come November.

McCain is a very bad candidate, but he's better than the Obama or Clinton. He has been duplicitous about why he voted against Bush's tax cuts, but I do believe he is a sincere hawk on spending. The Democrats claim the mantle of "fiscal responsibility" as a code word for higher taxes, but McCain legitimately can use the phrase to mean "less pork".

McCain will pick better judges than Clinton or Obama. Yes, McCain has said disturbing things about Alito's conservatism, but better a few Kennedys on the high court than a few Ginsburgs, should it come to that.

McCain will win the war in Iraq. He may not do much more than that, but he will at least get us that far.

McCain's immigration policy has been a consistent thorn in the side of any conservative worthy of the moniker, but he's pledged to "build the g*dd@mn fence." Do we think Obama or Clinton would do that?

McCain will keep us away from socialized medicine. This is actually the one area where he's better than Romney.

McCain has admitted he doesn't know much about economics. Perhaps this one instance of honest modesty will prevent him from tinkering with a system he acknowledges he is ill-equipped to deal with, which is light-years ahead of the promised interference Hillary would impose.

I hate McCain's campaign finance restrictions, I hate his previous immigration position, I'm not thrilled with his current immigration position, I hate how they tried to jam amnesty down our throats without debate, I hate McCain's class warfare, I hate how he denigrates Big Pharma, etc.

But I'll vote for the bastard. With one caveat.

If McCain picks Huckabee to be his veep, all bets are off.

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