Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hillary Dissembles on "This Week"

HRC was on ABC's "This Week" rambling about her candidacy. I don't have the intestinal fortitude to go through every forked-tongue answer she gave, but here's a good one on the issue of drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants:
"I attempted to support my governor as he tried to do something that is admittedly controversial, but I said at the time it was not something that I supported. When that didn't work it was very clear that... my position has been consistent. I don't think we should be giving drivers' licenses to people who are not documented."
Is it just me or did she say two different things in the same sentence?

Another zinger was that she also refused to admit that the "enforcement mechanism" for her mandatory health insurance scheme would imply fines or wage garnishment.

Also, a note to Hillary from me: Stubbornly clinging to positions that have been thoroughly destroyed (like how Obama eviscerated your plan to interfere in the mortgage markets, let alone all the Republican criticisms) does not count as "being tested". You failed the test.

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