Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Role of Unions

Republicans have complained for a long time about the overly political nature of "labor" unions in our nation. However, Bill Clinton now claims to have seen the heavy hand of the union boss while campaigning for his wife in Nevada. Bill and Chelsea walked through casinos approaching casino workers and encouraging them to break with their union over the endorsement of Obama. According to WJC, a union official followed the pair of Clintons through the casino telling their union members that if they intended to vote for Hillary that the union would make sure their work schedule didn't allow them to vote.

Here we have a first hand account by a former Democratic president of union goons disenfranchising their own members.

Why are unions so heavily involved in politics anyway? Aren't they supposed to represent their members for collective bargaining against "management"? What possible labor policy differences could exist between HRClinton and Obama? Doesn't this bolster the Right-to-Work argument that workers' dues are being stolen from them for political purposes, particularly purposes unrelated to the well-being of the union or its membership?

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