Sunday, January 13, 2008

HRC on MTP - The veneer peels back

The most striking thing about Hillary Clinton's most recent appearance on Meet the Press was not the string of lies she told about her record or campaign, but her open hostility to Tim Russert. If she can't at least be civil with the liberal press then I don't know how she can credibly negotiate as President with opponents foreign or domestic. And the cackles reemerged after Russert asked about her "vast right wing conspiracy" quote from the period of her husband's administration. Fingernails on a chalkboard...

But back to the lies for a moment.

Of course, there is "not one shred of truth" to accusations that her campaign has employed racially abrasive tactics against Obama. Never mind that string of hard facts mentioned in the NYTimes article Russert quoted. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Which of course brings me to the second most bizarre occurrence during the show - the shift away from discussions of substance and policy to which players in the civil rights movement deserve what proportional amount of credit for their efforts. Has the Democratic party become so removed from reality that battles over LBJ and MLK-Jr are the most pressing topics?

But back to the lies for a moment.

Clinton blatantly dissembled about her remarks comparing Obama to demagogues like Huey Long.

When the interview finally turned to Iraq and the now obvious success of the Petraeus surge, Hillary brazenly committed -over a year in advance- to begin pulling out the troops within 60 days of her inauguration. She would do this in the face of any contrary advice that might be given to her by her generals. (Talk about an "arrogant bunker mentality"!) She commits to this strategy over a year in advance despite dramatic changes on the ground that have occurred in the past year.

On the economy, she falsely embraced Alan Greenspan on the subject of the mortgage credit crisis while she promoted exactly the sort of policy Greenspan warned against. Greenspan is in favor of basically bailing people out with free money but otherwise leaving price mechanisms in place to do their jobs. To interfere with the price mechanisms would prolong the pain of the credit crisis. Clinton apparently ignores all of this and proposes freezing interest rates on certain mortgages for five years, interfering dramatically with the interest rate prices.

More broadly on the economic front, Clinton talked loosely about some sort of stimulus package. Of course, by 2009 when the next president takes office we will probably be done with the worst of any slowdown that is currently occurring, and any clumsy stimulus will be worthless at best and counterproductive at worst. Politicians just can't help but to interfere in economic matters of which they have virtually no understanding.


lunkhead said...

Sockless Joe,

She's never been truly grilled although yesterday's appearance was a good start. Once it begins in earnest, she'll play the victim and gender card, much like the phony tears she displayed in New Hampshire. Heaven help us if she gets elected!

Sockless Joe said...

I think her tears may have been real, but they were comically self-absorbed and arrogant. How could we cretins fail to see all the good she could do!?