Saturday, January 05, 2008

GOP Debate

The general format of tonight's NH debate allowed the candidates to go beyond some of the loaded and stupid questions asked by the moderator. So more debates like this please.

Huck thinks oil companies "dictate" price. And he said this after several other candidates had discussed the generally accepted "supply and demand" model, essentially handing him the right answer. Huck also wants to give prizes for innovation in energy design. I have news for Huck, they're called "patents", and you can earn a lot more from a patent than you ever could from some government prize.

Fred had some very excellent moments, most notably calling out Romney's love of mandates.

Ron Paul displayed his idiocy by using a discussion of health-related inflation to discuss monetary inflation, which even if you buy into Ron "Goldfinger" Paul's stone-aged hard money policy, is completely irrelevant in that health inflation has far surpassed general inflation. Hard money does not solve healthcare inflation.

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