Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dems - the Party of Identity Politics

Much noise was made recently about Huckabee's "identity" politicking among his Evangelical brethren. Huck's pandering pales in comparison to what went down in South Carolina yesterday.

There's no denying Obama his victory; he had a clear majority in a three-way race. But he didn't win white voters. Edwards did. And white women voted Clinton. So it seems that every Dem candidate had their greatest success among people who look like them. Even looking back to the Nevada caucus, Hispanic voters voted against Obama and for Clinton, displaying an apparent racial animus.

Bill Clinton likened Obama's SC victory to Jesse Jackson's victories in years past, drawing a completely unfair parallel to the naked racial demagoguing of the prior generation of black leaders. Obama's demagoguing is no different from Hillary's - based on class and income. On the "Sunday shows" today it was almost universally acknowledged that Bill's recent statements and actions were insulting to black voters, and certainly counterproductive.

This is what has become of the Democratic party. The only real differences among them are superficial appeals to identity politics and, to a lesser extent, the personal power struggles within the permanent machinery of Democratic political class. Voters tired quickly from "change vs. experience" nonsense, and policy differences are minimal. The contest has come down to slicing and dicing the electorate.

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