Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Debate observations

The GOP Presidential candidates had yet another Reagan centered debate at the Gipper's Presidential Library. Unfortunately I missed the first part of the debate, but I'll mention some things I saw in the back nine...

McCain ignored the question about his ability to lead the economy and instead gave his standard speech about military leadership. What's more, neither the moderators nor Romney called him out on it. Both are at fault for failing to do so.

Secondly, Huckabee was asked about his demagogic line regarding "the guy who laid you off". Oh so conveniently, there was no time for Romney to respond to the blatant class warfare being waged by Huck... or McCain for that matter.

On the spat about whether Romney was for a secret timetable for withdrawal... I think maybe he was. His statement was certainly ambiguous. It was, however, just that - ambiguous. It wasn't nearly what McCain is making of it, and McCain's "buzzword" argument is terribly weak.

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