Saturday, January 12, 2008

Appeal to Ronulans - Look at Fred

Dear Ron Paul supporters:

Your candidate is a fruitcake.

Sorry, but he has a negligible chance of winning, and not a single one of his proposals have a chance in heck of being implemented if he were to be elected. Some of his ideas start with a kernel of truth - smaller government, lower taxes, judicious military use - but then go on to basically no government, a sadly mistaken gold-standard monetary policy (for which he blames everything), and an isolationist close-the-drawbridge foreign policy.

Some of you Ronulans are reasonable. Not the Stormfront-types, but those who don't quite believe that those people are in the Ron Paul camp. [The racist anti-Semitic Ru-Paulians can feel free to stick with Paul.]

So to the reasonable Ronulans, I ask you to look at the only other candidate who has any respect for the Constitution - Fred Thompson. He's for securing the border and employer level enforcement, he's for real Federalism, he's for lower taxes, and he's for sticking a capitalist wedge into the Social Security's Ponzi socialist scheme. Regarding his only major sin - campaign finance regulation - he's headed back towards the Constitutionalist fold.

Now, some of you might be supporting Paul because he was against the war. I ask of you, do you really want to pull out now? Are you really for losing, especially when an honorable end is in sight?

Who are the other heavy hitters in the GOP field? McCain - captain finance regulation and amnesty. Huckabee - a compassionate heroic conservative who will raise your taxes if he feels he can spend the money to do what he feels is good. Romney - philosophically amorphous with a penchant for HillaryCare2.0-style government mandates for health insurance. Giuliani - maybe Roe-v-Wade is good, maybe it isn't.

Then we have Fred Thompson, who has been a champion of conservative constitutionalist principles throughout the campaign.

So maybe you Ronulans aren't in love with Fred. Be a little strategic and throw your weight behind a mainstream candidate who agrees with more of your positions than anybody else. Rather than fall on your gold-plated swords for a fringe candidate, please summon the boldness to make a real difference in the Republican primary.

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