Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Roundup: Hillary the Interventionist

On ABC's This Week, Hillary Clinton casually discussed her advice to her husband that the US intervene militarily in the Rwandan genocide. Does anybody else think this subject was a little too big to be discussed so briefly and recklessly? I've grown to have some respect for George Stephanopolous as a journalist and host, but he never developed that Russert-esque zeal for nailing an interviewee. I blame GS's timidity more than his history as a Clintonista for this oversight.

I was slightly irritated with Clinton' posthumous first-name-basis with Benazir Bhutto. I was also a little confused as to how she could have played such an integral part in WJC's Presidency without noticing that an intern had repeatedly slobbered on her husband.

McCain was also on This Week, and did no harm nor good. Ho-Hum.

On Meet the Press, Obama pulled out the "master of a broken system" argument, which I think works very well, and which I've discussed a little in the previous post. Obama did well, making no major gaffes and seems to have worked a little on filling out his empty suit, or at least appearing to do so.

Huckabee was also on MTP, and much to my chagrin, performed well as a matter of political theater. Though I dislike Huckabee, I couldn't argue with most of his statements about Romney. The exception to this was Huck's response to the criticism over his "bunker mentality" statement about the Bush administration. Romney's point was that there is a right way and a wrong way to criticize administration policy - namely, criticizing the policy (or its implementation) rather than making broad personal attacks against what one supposes is in the mind of another.

Thompson was apparently on Fox News Sunday. I haven't yet watched it but it's supposedly pretty ho-hum as well.

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