Friday, December 28, 2007

Federal Judge Fantasizes about Dictatorship

Ya just can't make this sort of stuff up!

Federal Judge Midge Rendell, wife of PA Governor Ed Rendell and a Clinton appointee, causally daydreamed in front of The National Association of Women Judges - “Gee, a benevolent dictator would really be good right about now to, to put in health care and to put in some of these policies that we all want, but somehow the gridlock within the legislature makes it impossible.”

Um, if we all wanted those things we might have elected people to do that. But we didn't. So maybe we don't all want those things.

[Insert predictable rant against liberal fascism here. Some assembly required.]

Not quite as bad as Will Smith's "Hitler" thing, but dang.

Thanks to PA Rep Metcalfe for bringing this to our collective attention.

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