Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Announcement: Campaign Activities

I've written before about William Russell's campaign for Congress against seventy-gajillion term incumbent John Murtha. I've been in contact with the campaign, met the candidate and campaign manager, and I will be volunteering some of my time as Outreach Coordinator.

This campaign is hitting the ground running. The Camp. Mgr. is a USMC veteran and has a multi-decade career in political affairs. The structural model for the campaign is based on very good social science foundation which has been successfully field-tested in Bush's presidential campaigns. Russell has already gotten some earned media from the Mark Levin radio show and the BBC (in addition to local media coverage), and the campaign has been in contact with Limbaugh and Hannity.

(Audio from the Mark Levin Show on 11-30-2007 is available here for the time being.)

Everything is on track to make sure the whole nation knows there's a real challenger in the 12th District of Pennsylvania. Russell is starting with a bang.

Please help Western Pennsylvania embrace a more hopeful, ethical, and prosperous future by donating to the campaign.

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