Saturday, November 03, 2007

Zing! Parsing Hillary Clinton

The Edwards campaign has been getting some understandably good reviews for this ad:

Despite this absurdity, Clinton's numbers may have improved slightly after the most recent debate (according to Rasumssen), and NYT commentator Gail Collins gave HRC some left-handed (?) complements about her performance:

She took it all and came out the other end in one piece. She’s one tough woman. Kudos.

Her fighting spirit was all the more impressive because so many of the positions she was defending were virtually indefensible.

For conservatives this is the most infuriating aspect of Clinton's candidacy. She's been implicated in so many scandals, screwed up so many policies, made so many gaffes that all the bad news is already cooked into her stock. She has the Teflon coating to shake off any challenge literally effortlessly, to lie about any subject and come out stronger. And the media loves her for it, just as they loved Bill.


lunkhead said...

I know that conniving witch will stop at nothing to get elected. But with fifty percent of the country holding her in contempt, can she pull it off? God help us if she does.

Anonymous said...

Stupid media... It's like the hot chick falling for the jerks of the world. You can't explain it, and you know they should know better, but it just keeps on happening.