Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thompson on FNS

Fred Thompson's recent performance on Fox News Sunday displayed a slightly more energetic Thompson than we have seen in other forums. Asked about the apparently poor state of his campaign, Thompson critiqued the media in general and Fox News in particular as being naysayers of his campaign, ignoring the good and focusing on the bad. He probably overplayed this point, but there is some substance to the allegation.

The Bad - Thompson pointed out that he has by far the most complete policy plans laid out among any of the Republicans. (Probably among the Dems too.) But voters, in particular Republican and Independent voters, do not vote primarily on policy plans. They vote on gut instincts. Who can lead? Who do you want standing with a bullhorn on the next pile of terrorist-produced rubble? Who can best Hillary in a debate? Fred has much room to improve on these points. Fred's appeal was supposed to be the marriage of consistent conservatism with the ability to sell it. He's not selling it like he should be.

The Good - Fred was energetic and fully engaged, and not just in his typical too-much-coffee-human-bobblehead way. This is the first step toward fixing the problems mentioned above.

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