Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ohio to Dems - No illegal drivers

A Quinnipiac poll shows that Ohioans do not like the idea of giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants - 55% "less likely" to vote for a candidate who supports that policy, (3% "more likely"), and even among Democrats 43% "less likely" and 4% "more likely".

More in-depth coverage at HotAir.

The eye-popping thing to me is not just that Ohio is a swing state where it is still possible to elect a Republican for President (though that is interesting), but that it is nowhere near the Rio Grande. This confirms my idea that illegal immigration is a problem across the nation, even in places where you might not think (like Hazelton, PA). My county in rural Pennsylvania is losing population overall, but the high school where I graduated ten years ago now has English as a Second Language courses. When I graduated I don't think there was a single Spanish speaking student in the whole school, save for exchange students.

Being "pro [illegal] immigrant" is a losing issue, and perhaps increasingly so the further one travels from the southern border because the problem is not even close to being contained.

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