Thursday, November 08, 2007

Double Standard for "Conservative"

In our ongoing quest to find the perfect transcendental conservative Presidential candidate, we have stumbled across a fairly large internal inconsistency.

On one hand, we have TV-evangelist (and 1988 Republican Presidential contender) Pat Robertson endorsing Giuliani. This despite all of Giuliani's well-documented policy disagreements with social conservatives, not the least of which is his idea that a "strict constructionist" jurist might rule that Roe-v-Wade is consistent with the US Constitution... or not. No big deal either way.

On the other hand we have columnist Robert Novak criticizing Fred Thompson for taking a Federalist, anti-Roe position on abortion. Novak claims Thompson is, as the title of the column indicates, making "a major abortion blunder" by not supporting federal laws or a Constitutional amendment outlawing abortion.

Now I understand that the Real Conservative Alternative® hasn't emerged, but can we stop pretending that Giuliani's positions are acceptable while the other candidates' positions are insufficiently conservative?

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