Sunday, October 21, 2007

Post-Debate Thoughts

Of course, the first question asked at the debate was about which candidate was a "real conservative". It provoked some lively sniping between the top four including Giuliani's attack against Thompson for having blocked some tort reform measures, and McCain's somewhat confusing accusation that Romney had not only distorted his own record but might also distort McCain's.

I find it interesting that the cross-fire was generally limited to McCain -vs- Romney and Thompson -vs- Giuliani. I'm not sure yet what to make of that.

Regarding the "Thompson or McCain" choice I wrote about in the previous post, I don't think either candidate moved the football much. McCain occasionally drifted into what I would describe as his characteristically "demure" posture. Thompson was slightly more engaged than he has been previously, but I cannot help but be somewhat disappointed by the public speaking abilities of this attorney and professional actor.

Most disappointing however, was the unwillingness to confront the central deception of Hillary Clinton's main issue of healthcare. What Clinton is proposing is not, and is carefully designed to avoid appearing to be, is a "government takeover" or "single payer" system. Calling it that will only encourage Clinton to lie about how she is respecting market forces and not expanding bureaucracy.

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