Sunday, October 28, 2007

MTP: What progress?

Senator Chris Dodd was on Meet the Press today pretending to be a Presidential candidate. (Dodd was unwavering when confronted with evidence that he was polling zero - exactly zero, below everybody including Gravel.)

But the painfully irrelevant Dodd isn't the subject of this post - it's Russert.

I like Tim Russert, at least in so far as a person can like a political reporter. I get the feeling that he tries, even if he sometimes comes short as I think he did with Dodd.

Russert probed Dodd's evolving stance on the Iraq war. Probing inconsistencies is what Russert does best. Ultimately I think Dodd accounted for his position sufficiently, but Dodd was allowed numerous times to make the unchallenged assertion that what we're doing in Iraq "isn't working". Russert never confronted Dodd with the increasing and overwhelming evidence that the Petraeus "surge" is showing remarkable progress in reducing the level of violence in Iraq.

Dodd said he was in Iraq a year ago and heard from numerous soldiers that what they're doing isn't working. ("But I came to the conclusion [about withdrawal deadlines] almost a year ago—in fact, I was here, having just come back from, from Baghdad. We talked at this table. And I met with young soldiers over there who said this is just not working. We need to change this policy.")

But a year ago we hadn't begun the surge.

Until the media confronts the Democrats with the apparent progress made under the surge, the political dialog will continue to stagnate in its anti-war malaise.


Anonymous said...

Dodd's campaign center is one floor below me. It's very quiet there.


Sockless Joe said...

I often wonder what it is some of these people think they're doing running for President. I mean, Tommy Thompson dropped out. --Hint-hint.

Is it that they're deluded? Or just bored?

Anonymous said...

If you remember NewsRadio -

Lisa: Sir... Are you running for President just to meet women?

Jimmy James: Yes. Yes I am. And with that, I'd like to announce that I have withdrawn my bid for the White House. ... But ladies! Please call in to 1.800.JIMMYJA!