Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Video over debate

Fred sez: Let them eat cake watch me on Leno and on the Intertubes.

Really, Mary Matalin has it right - Leno has the audience, and no normal person watches Presidential primary debates, particularly debates between the seventeen dwarves.

Are "expectations" high? Yes. Would expectations be any lower if Fred hadn't been a colossal tease until September 6th? Not really. We expect a lot from a President, and the ability to pull of a stunt like this has the ability to demonstrate that prowess. And in the process he's saved a couple of million bucks.

If he flakes out, it's no harm - no foul. I'm betting that he'll do well, but even if he doesn't I think John McCain's "Titanic" campaign ought to be seen as significantly more embarrassing.

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