Friday, September 21, 2007

GoogleDocs "Presentation" - Review

I've used Google's "Documents" service for a few minor projects. The word processing and spreadsheet functions work pretty well for jotting a few things down quickly that I can retrieve later on another computer. The collaboration function looks nice, though I haven't convinced anybody to get a Google ID in order to collaborate on anything yet.

In the case of the Documents and Spreadsheets, these can be saved in standard formats such as OpenDocument or MS Office for later editing in a full-fledged office suite where the finishing touches can be added.

Not for "Presentations" - at least not yet.

Until I can faithfully export to a recognized format I can't see the point in creating much content in "Presentations". Like the other Google utilities, "Presentations" is pretty bare-bones. You simply can't make a presentation look as slick as in PowerPoint, or even OpenOffice (which lags PowerPoint significantly). This could be forgivable if I could export my work when I need to, but we just can't do that.

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