Saturday, September 15, 2007

Et tu, CQ?

I've been mildly irritated with Congressional Quarterly's slight leftward bias for some time, so I'm calling it out.

In their "midday update" e-newsletter article "Skeptical Senators Confront Crocker, Petraeus on Iraq", the first sentence was "A bipartisan chorus on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee expressed skepticism Tuesday that Iraqis will mend their sectarian differences sufficiently to allow recent security gains to produce stability."

Bipartisan? In the loosest sense of the word. The piece cites exactly two Republican Senators, Hagel and Lugar. Hagel has been against the war for a very long time, and Lugar has been a thorn in his fellow partisans' sides since at least June.

Two senators.

The Petraeus hearings allowed both sides to engage in idiotic political theater by grandstanding about their position and asking extremely loaded questions of Petraeus and Amb. Crocker. But they didn't reflect "bipartisan" skepticism.

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