Monday, August 06, 2007

The Presidential Panderfest Tour: 2007-2008

I hate to call them debates because virutally nothing gets debated.

We had the Af-Am debate at Howard, the YouTube debate - did they have the gay debate yet? I know I just watched part of a GOP Iowa debate.

Now we're looking at a Spanish language debate for Univision.

I don't want to get into the whole "speak English in America" thing. It's been done to death. I'm disturbed by the broader fractionalizing of the electorate. Or to put it another way, the utter lack of any unifying goals as Americans. We're no longer debating the best way to skin the cat. We can't even agree that the cat needs to be skinned. Today's most pressing political question: What can you do for my extremely narrow identity?

With the arguable exception of gay marriage, every single issue addressed at one of these forums impacts the rest of the country. The Corn Mafia demands ethanol promotion, which raises food prices for the rest of America - nay, the whole freaking world!

Not just Iowa.

Immigration affects school districts with ESL class expenditures, small businesses, labor wages, etc.

Not just Hispanics.

Politics would be so much easier if politicians couldn't just get away with saying "I secured X percent more funding for project Y" without having to justify why Y needed more funding and whether the additional funding was empirically beneficial to Y. But I digress.

Let's have actual debates among few enough people that they can all be in the same camera shot. Let's debate tax policy, Iraq, immigration, gay rights, energy, healthcare, free trade, whatever. And let's do it all at the same time. For everybody.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - so long as their are scantily-clad spanish chicks with enormous cleavage, I'll be watching...