Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mitt debates Moron

During a recent radio interview in Iowa, Mitt Romney was accosted by the radio host about the relationship between Romney's Mormon faith and his political views, particularly about abortion. Fortunately this clip (see link) reveals the idiocy of the host Jan Mickelson by showing him making some ridiculous argument about how a real conservative President would ignore spurious Supreme Court decisions. You know, just tell them who's the man. That's real democracy for ya.

I'm not the biggest Romney fan, though I certainly see some good qualities in him, and I wouldn't mind if he was the veep pick. But I think Romney did very well, and even though some described his demeanor in this clip as "heated", I think Mitt responded rather mildly to some asinine statements by the radio host even when he thought he wasn't being recorded.

A Romney spokesman said, "...[W]e reviewed and thought the governor handled the situation very well."

I agree. Score one for Mitt.

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