Monday, August 27, 2007

Lil' Tikes Nanny Statism Woefully Wasteful

Exploring the most literal interpretation of "nanny statism", a study has shown that early childhood education initiatives in the UK have wasted about £21 billion over the last decade. (In the neighborhood of US $42.2 billion.)

"Sure Start", which sounds a lot like "Head Start" in the US, has "done more harm than good". Other research suggests state-sponsored daycare has "hindered their intellectual development as well as exacerbating their behaviour problems."

The solution? More state intervention!

"Undeterred by such failures, ministers are trying to produce a national curriculum for babies that will set targets for infants to reach before they are a year old."
"Alongside Sure Start, the Government has also introduced free nursery education for all year- olds and an early years curriculum.

This requires children to smile at toys at 11 months, respond to words by 20 months, recite numbers by 36 months, and sing familiar songs by the age of four."

Smile, kid. Or you fail!

Why, Governor Rendell, would we want to impose pre-kindergarten statewide in Pennsylvania when those funds could be used to better fund traditional education?

Early Childhood Education: When Governor Rendell took office, Pennsylvania was 1 of only 9 states in the nation that failed to fund pre-kindergarten. Today, thousands more students have access to high-quality pre-kindergarten, full-day kindergarten and small classes in grades K-3 through strategic investments in Head Start and the landmark accountability block grant. With continued commitment to our future, Pennsylvania will expand its investment in quality pre-kindergarten and full-day kindergarten to give all children the chance for a jump-start across the commonwealth.

While we're at it, let's give all the kids laptops too. Such a shame that "classrooms look exactly the same today as they did a generation ago". Too bad they don't get the same results.

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Anonymous said...

Can we get rid of No Child Left Behind? That would make me happy.