Sunday, August 05, 2007

House Dems perform economic voodoo in energy bill

Apparently, the House Democrats want to ensure lower energy costs by mandating that power companies use more expensive fuel. This was part of a bill to tax oil companies and mandate the use of renewable fuels in electrical generation.

"This will save consumers money," said Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., the provision's co-sponsor, maintaining utilities will have to use less high-priced natural gas.

Yes, because those greedy profit-motivated utility companies hadn't considered the high cost of NatGas, and just figured they'd burn fossil fuels for the sheer fun of polluting the air, ignoring their much impugned profit motive.

For the record, I'm all for getting rid of tax incentives for oil companies so long as they are then allowed to drill offshore and in ANWR and any other place where there might be resources.

Clearly when a Democrat says they respect or understand market forces you should reach for your wallet. A more realistic energy plan would pump money into R&D in order to make alt-energy sources economical, rather than just legislate that they be economical. To be fair, the article mentions some R&D funding for cellulosic ethanol, but I must have missed the mention of increased nuke-fission power plants and nuke-fusion R&D. And I somehow doubt that the cellulosic ethanol funding is anything close to the order of magnitude required to get the job done within a decade.

No, this is a fantasy-land energy bill destined for the Presidential veto pen, full of scorn for the evil corporations who sell you the products that power your cars and computers.

Fantasy Member of Congress Joe Collins (R-Pennsyltucky) would have introduced an amendment to the bill requiring windmills to be built within view of the Kennedy compound.

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