Friday, August 10, 2007

Hillary won't "socialize" medicine

socialize - Verb, trans. : (1) To place under government or group ownership or control. (American Heritage Dictionary via

When asked about her continued plans to socialize medicine in the US, Senator Clinton responded:

"That was a string of misrepresentations about me and about the systems in other countries," Clinton started. "Number one, I have never advocated socialized medicine, and I hope all the journalists here heard that loudly and clearly because that has been a right-wing attack on me for 15 years."

Clinton's plan, which died in Congress in 1994, would have required employers to provide health-care coverage to employees through health-maintenance organizations. Insurance firms opposed the proposal, as did political conservatives who thought it removed health care -- a huge portion of the nation's economy -- from the competitive marketplace.

"Do you think Medicare is socialized medicine?" Clinton asked her inquisitor, who did not identify himself.

Hillary, get a dictionary. Yes, Medicare is indeed socialized medicine. The only reason it isn't a total disaster is that it is parasitic on the free(er)-market healthcare system for little things like hospitals, doctors, and drug research.

If anybody doubts this is socialization of medicine, ask whether her proposals tend towarad "free market capitalism", or "government or group control". Let's call things by their proper names - this is increased socialism. Don't like the word? Think it sounds to harsh? Tough crap.

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