Monday, August 13, 2007

Enough with the Huckabee already

Frm Arkansas Gov Mike Huckabee is not in any position to be "the next" Fred Thompson, or the next anything. Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO thinks otherwise.

Huckabee and Thompson [Ramesh Ponnuru]

If Gov. Huckabee manages to make something of his strong showing yesterday, isn't it a problem for Fred Thompson? Like Thompson, Huckabee is a southerner. But he has stronger social-conservative credentials and more executive experience, and he is now what Thompson was a few months ago: the new thing.

Huckabee placed second in the Iowa straw poll because nobody else was there except for Romney. Somebody on that list of losers had to be the "surprise" second. Huckabee trailed Romney by 12.9 percentage points. Senator Sam Brownback followed only by another 2.8 points, and only 4.4 points separates Huckabee from Tancredo, who wants to keep open the "deterrent" option of nuking Mecca and Medina.

(By the way Tanc, those cities don't lie in some imaginary Islamastan, but in Saudi Arabia, our supposed ally in the WOT. Ya might want to keep the nukes away from them.)

Huckabee has zero chance of being President, and a near zero chance of being Vice President. The Iowa poll is meaningless since only one of the big dogs decided to play. To me, Huckabee has the smell of Bush, somebody who will continue to implement new Federal spending programs that have a whiff of "social conservatism".

Thompson is (yawn!) blogging about Federalism and how Washington needs to continually ask itself whether any proposed program is within its proper purview. Heck, that's almost Ron Paul territory! Oh, and Thompson gets a second chance at being "the new thing" whenever he gets around to officially announcing.

Though totally statistically insignificant, I find it interesting that Fred beat all the other "no show" candidates, plus that Cox guy that less than nobody cares about.

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lunkhead said...

Huckabee is also tissue paper soft on illegal immigration!