Sunday, July 22, 2007

Socialized Medicine at its Best

The all-knowing British healthcare system plans to offer chances to win iPods and other treats to drug addicts who successfully stay off drugs, but do not provide medicine to Alzheimer's patients capable of slowing progression of the disease to the tune of 2.50 GBP's per day, or slightly over US$5.00/day if my memory serves.

Socializing healthcare means rationing of treatment. Sometimes people will not agree with what the "single payer" chooses to pay. It could be this specific example, or it could be something else. Heck, the iPod thing might even work better than whatever was done before. But there are trade-offs, and there will be treatments that are not covered.

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lunkhead said...

This is a preview of HillaryCare if the beast becomes president. Be afraid. Be very afraid.