Sunday, June 24, 2007

MTP lowballs on immigration

The first segment of Meet the Press pitted Pat Buchanan against Rep. Luis Gutierrez. Really, I shouldn't have to explain why that's a bad idea if one wants to promote meaningful debate on the topic of immigration, but since Tim Russert and Chuck Todd didn't see it, I guess I need to spell it out. Rightly or wrongly, Pat Buchanan is seen as a nativist bogyman by the Left, and thus anything he says will be immediately discounted. And rightly or wrongly, Rep. Gutierrez, qua Chicano, will be seen as soft on illegals and not serious about the subject generally.

From what I'm seeing this is a hyperbolic Nixon-v-Kennedy all over again. Buchanan is wiping the intellectual floor with Gutierrez, while the younger, better looking Gutierrez filibusters and lies and complains about the "texture and tone" of Buchanan's criticism.

Buchanan gave his standard litany of substantive policy actions that should be taken; Gutierrez completely ignores this, and complains that the critics aren't offering a solution; Buchanan counters "I wrote a book on the subject."

Russert concluded that they had "a pretty good microcosm of the debate" before ending the segment. I find this conclusion accurate, but terribly sad.

(I think there is more than a little irony in being called a "racist" by a group called La Raza)

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