Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Free Market in Politics

WashTimes reports that the RNC has fired all its internal phone bank solicitors after a steep falloff in donations. Anonymous fired staffers blame the falloff on distaste for the President's immigration plan. The RNC blames its aging phone system and what would be a burdensome replacement cost. Staffers acknowledge the frailty of the system, but it is quite obvious what straw broke this camel's back.

Several thoughts occur:
(1) Money is speech. McCain is wrong.
(2) Republicans are in fact principled, not just blindly and uncritically following Bush wherever he may lead us, as many Left-o-crats would have us believe.

Myself, I might be inclined to support some sort of legal status for illegals. But only if I thought the bill (and the administration) could act seriously to control the border. Of course, I have no reason to believe that border security will actually be a priority, as evidenced by the utterly pathetic pace at which the border fence is being constructed. I also know I'm not alone in feeling insulted for the insinuation of racism and nativism that has been spewed from Bush, Linda Chavez, and the Left writ-large.

I'm also a little sad that the job of phone solicitor no longer exists at the RNC. That job was a proverbial life preserver to young politicos trying to force their way into the "system". The elimination of these positions further widens the socio-economic gap for who gets to participate in Republican politics.

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lunkhead said...

I agree with some of your points. However, the Republican party has completely abandoned its base and has sold out to big multinational corporations. That is what is Republican party off a cliff. I for one, am glad the American people are speaking loudly on this issue with their wallets. I have not sent the RNC any money since 2004. I won't be fooled again.