Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Fair"-ness Doctrine

Certain high-profile Democrats would like to bring back the so-called "Fairness Doctrine", and of course Conservatives are rightly screaming bloody murder.

Yes, of course, it's blatantly unconstitutional. And yes, it's rather Orwellian to call it "fairness". Just as "social justice" means "affirmative action" rather than "equal protection", and "economic justice" means socialism rather than more-or-less laissez-faire capitalism, so too does "fairness" mean "whatever the heck we want".

Does "equal time" mean for 911-Truthers too? (Now "troofers" in some camps - I like it!) For every crazy "controversial issue" we must have equal time?! I think not.

But it's just another part of the broader attack on the First Amendment. No wonder the Fairness Doctrine is being considered in a world where the McCain-Feingold campaign finance regime reigns over our allegedly sacred political speech - where it took a 5-4 ruling by a brand-spankin' new Supreme Court to admit that organizations have the right to merely mention a candidate's name regarding an issue that happened to occur during a campaign. It boggles the mind what those four minority Justices might have been thinking.

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Topic = Libby + Commuted Sentence

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