Sunday, May 27, 2007

The cynical case for Fred Thompson

Fred! continues to pound the virtual pavement on the Paul Harvey Show. Awesome.

Anecdotally, I just saw my 2008-oriented first bumper sticker. Much to my amazement, it was for Fred Thompson, who hasn't yet declared his candidacy. It was on the bumper of a pickup truck owned by a guy who appeared to be in his 60's. He is, presumably, not part of the blognoscenti. Another anecdote - my grandmother, an avid CNN viewer and marginal Republican, is impressed with Fred Thompson. I'm guessing she's a Paul Harvey listener too.

Thompson does very well in the online polls I've seen, which are obviously skewed to a certain audience. In this event, Fred's base will come from the blognoscenti and a subset of retirees who listen to the Paul Harvey show. If the middle aged folks are hearing about Fred both from their kids and from their parents then they might just sit up and listen. Thompson's candidacy is the proverbial "coiled spring", and his broader poll numbers are poised to explode.

I call this the "cynical case" because it is based on a projection of voter trends, not on Thompson's ability to execute the office of the President and not on any issue positions he has taken. For better or for worse, this sort of calculation is an increasing part of the modern political process.


Winghunter said...

I would like to add 'twists' you may not be aware of;
*Law & Order fans are quite numerous and also overwhelmingly from the Democrat party.

* The many generations old enough to remember Fred prosecuting Nixon holds an unannounced endearment of removing a rogue President.

* The entire pro-rights community stands with, not behind, Fred. Roughly 80 million loyal and vocal citizens.

Therefore, in my humble opinion, I suggest that the incredible surge is due directly to people who already know him and as the word spreads and they are made aware that he is waiting for word from us to decide, the support continues to grow exponentially.

The 'blognoscenti' is merely one facet of information available on the internet and not the understood or preferred method of obtaining information by the majority of web users ( unforunately ).
For them, his video and audio recordings in addition to the hundreds of volunteers whom have supplied a massive library, if you will, of available information on Fred.

The logical conclusion must be drawn that you have just written about the 44th President of The United States.

Bob Waters said...

Nothing cynical about wanting our next nominee to be the most effective communicator in American public life since Ronald Reagan, and a man who routinely makes mincemeat out of Democrats in debate. It will be especially refreshing after the last eight years.

His positions on issues are much closer- and have been for quite a while- to where the party base is than are those of his opponents. No, nothing cynical here at all. Just a recognition of a very hot political commodity- and the one conservative Republican who could imaginably be elected next year.

lunkhead said...

We're hungering for a true conservative candidate. The other three have good qualities but are not conservatives. The guy in the White House seems hellbent on destroying the party.