Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sowell, so close

Thomas Sowell has identified a critical skill lacking amongst Republicans generally, and which must be possessed by a successful Presidential candidate - communication.

I'm glad Sowell could finally get on my "communication" boat. Ha. (Seriously though, Thomas Sowell is one of the most intelligent people in America.)

Sowell also comes up with a further piece of this communication skill - the ability to express outrage. He points to Giuliani and Newt Gingrich as perhaps the most articulate communicators, but faults Gingrich for allowing himself to be smeared during a time when he accomplished much good legislative work. ("It is hard to recall Newt Gingrich expressing any outrage, even when he was falsely accused of abandoning and starving the poor by not appropriating enough money for programs to help them—even after he had in fact increased the spending for such programs.")

Sowell would do well to download some of Fred Thompson's radio commentary on the Paul Harvey show. There's some articulate outrage.

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